Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today is Religious Freedom Day



January 17th and January 22nd are Assessment Days.  Due to the snow days during the quarter, teachers will have the flexibility to use January 17th as an instructional day and January 22nd as an assessment day.  Assessment days are for assessment and/or reassessment and assessments may take the form of tests, presentations, final reflections, etc. Students are required to attend unless explicitly excused by their teacher. Assessment time is NOT a time for students to receive direct instruction. Students who are currently proficient will have the opportunity to work towards achieving exemplary. Teachers will inform parents via email whether or not student attendance is required. If students are not required to attend a class, they may work with other teachers, use their time to prepare for assessments in the library, computer lab or cafeteria, or not be at school. Any questions should first be directed to teachers, as they are the best ones to answer questions about expectations, student performance and assessments.  Counselors and administration can also be of assistance.  


COMMUNITY FORUM Today, Wednesday, January 16 in the SHS cafeteria from 5:30-6:30 pm. The topic will be the safety and supervision of our students. All are welcome to attend!

GAP YEAR FAIR Burlington on January 17 from 6-8:30 p.m. Want to take a year to explore the world, do community service, better understand yourself?  Check out the Gap Year Fair. Make your Gap Year count and point you in the right direction for your future!

ATHLETICS Wednesday: JV/V Boys' BB @ Middlebury 5:30/7:00 (bus 3:15). Girls' Ice Hockey @ Brattleboro 7:15 (bus from BOR 4:00). Thursday: JV/V Girls' BB @ CVU 5:30/7 (bus 3:45). Wrestling @ Milton 6:00 (bus 3:30). Friday: Wrestling @ Essex Classic 3:30 (dismiss 12:45; bus 1:00). Saturday: Wrestling @ Essex Classic 10:30 am (bus 8:30). Frosh/JV"B" Boys' BB @ St. Johnsbury 9:00am (bus 7:15). Boys' Ice Hockey @ Rutland 1:00 (bus from BOR 10am). Girls' Ice Hockey vs. Lyndon/NCU 3:30 at the BOR.

RADIOLOGY OPEN HOUSE Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, School of Radiologic Technology, is having an Open House on Monday, January 28 from 5:00-8 pm. For more information visit:

MAGIC Magic the Gathering Club will be having a "Ravnica Allegiance" booster draft tournament on February 7 after school. Entry is $15. Space is limited, so sign up with Mr. Moran in Room 103 soon.

JUNIORS If you are applying to colleges next year, please strongly consider taking SATs this coming March. SHS will be hosting the SAT on Saturday, March 9. To register for this assessment, please visit, or make an appointment with your school counselor. You need to register no later than February 8th to be guaranteed a spot and to not pay an additional late registration fee.

SPEECH CONTEST High school speech contest with cash prizes.  The contest topic this year is How can “Service Above Self” be an Inspiration to Others?  The speech should demonstrate the relevance of this concept to teamwork and everyday relationships and be between 4-5 minutes (memorization not required).  For more please see Mrs. Waterhouse.

LIBRARY Summer Reading is Coming!  Want a say in this year's selections?  Stop by the library and let us know! SHS Book Club:  Do you have a reading quota this year?  Want to hang and talk books and participate in other activities (yes movies and events) with other kids?  Be part of our SHS Book Club on Wednesday's in the Library during Band B. Topics will include book selection, summer reading ideas and podcasts/video book reviews.  All are welcome!  See Ms. Smith in the library for details.

BOOTS N’ BALLS Students, please check your email for a survey entitled Boots N' Balls. It is to gauge interest in participating in or volunteering for an upcoming co-ed winter kickball tournament to benefit a member of the Barre community. See Mr. Ferland or Ella McCarthy for details.

HAMILTON AWARD FOR JUNIORS Recognizes high school juniors for their academic, personal, and service achievements Winners are automatically enrolled in the Hamilton Leaders Academy, an all-expense paid program. Deadline is January 30. For more details go

STUDENT OUTREACH COMMITTEE One current project is the new SHS Instagram page.  Follow us at  @shscrimsontide   In addition, any clubs wishing to announce events or important information please send an email to or

VERMONT YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS The workshops are scheduled, and now we are looking for playwrights to fill them!  If you have an interest in trying playwriting for the first time, or if you've tried it before and would like to fine-tune your craft, this is the program for you!  Playwright Shoshannah Boray will be here on February 1 and 12 for two full-day workshops where students will brainstorm and write an original ten-minute play.  Three plays will be featured at the statewide festival in May; all participants are invited to attend!  Please see or email Ms. Brennan in Room 216 with any questions or to sign up.

POETRY OUT LOUD is a national poetry recitation competition.  Interested student are invited to participate in the school competition on February 11.  The winner at the school level will compete against others around the state in a semi-final round at the Barre Opera House in March.  Interested candidates should see Ms. Brennan (216) or Ms. Bryant (222) before break for more information. 

NORTHERN VT UNIVERSITY DECISION DAY Wednesday, February 20 the Northern Vermont University Admissions Department for Johnson & Lyndon will be at SHS.  This on site application decision is open to seniors and juniors applying for Early College.  Northern Vermont University will waive the $50 application fee if you participate in this event.  If you wish to apply to Johnson or Lyndon through this process, please sign up with Mrs. Cross in the School Counseling Office and get your application fee waiver code.  Applications must be submitted via Common App by January 30, 2019.


LUNCH Chef’s Choice: Shepherd’s Pie, Roasted Butternut Squash, Gravy. Grill: Chicken Tenders & Fries. Worlds Fare: Nachos.

Thursday: Chef’s Choice


It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace. ~ Chuck Palahniuk