Spaulding High School - 2017-2018 Course Performance Grading Guideline


Course Performance Rating GPA Value Grading Criteria
Exemplary 4.0
  • All standards are Exemplary or Proficient, AND
  • Majority of standards are Exemplary.
Partially Exemplary 3.5
  • All standards are Exemplary or Proficient, with at least one standard being Exemplary.
Proficient 3.0
  • All standards are Proficient.
Partially Proficient 2.5
  • All required standards are Exemplary or Proficient. AND
  • No standards are Beginning or No Evidence.
Developing 2.0
  • Majority of standards are Developing
Beginning 1.0
  • Majority of standards are Beginning.
No Evidence 0.0
  • Majority of the standards are No Evidence.

 *Honors and AP courses would add an additional 0.33 to the GPA score.


The guideline is used to assess an overall course performance.  When the guideline does not completely represent the situation, professional discretion will be used.

Guidelines for Incompletes:

  • The student has extenuating circumstances.
  • The student has Consistently or Usually met Transferable Skills expectations.
  • The student has arranged a reasonable plan with the teacher (such as a contract).
  • Incompletes will be granted for a two-week period. Additional extensions may be granted with the permission of the department chair if a student is making reasonable progress.